Meet Alanah


Alanah started working on boats at 14 years of age and did so for over 15 years. Now living in Bayside , Melbourne, Alanah uses oils as a medium for her artwork and has been described to “spiritually encompass abstract into reality” through her internationally collected oceanscapes. You will often find her swimming or paddleboarding taking more-then-needed reference photos for her paintings.

“The ocean brings a sense of calmness and clarity and I hope to portray this in my artwork, capturing the essence of its rolling movement and light on its surface.” My most favorable compliment has been “I am terrified of the ocean, but I can see how people find it soothing by looking at your art”

As a former Scuba Instructor, Alanah knows first hand, of the tranquility that being in, near, under or on water can have on our senses and moods. Through her work, she aims to reflect this serenity and sense of calmness.