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Alanah Jarvis Art

Petrichor large rainscape painting

Petrichor large rainscape painting

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91cm (W) x 121cm (H) x 3cm (D)
35.8" (W) x 48" (H) x 1" (D)

Petrichor - by Alanah Jarvis
Find me a better smell produced in nature than the fresh smell of rain, particularly in summer when its coming off warm concrete.
Rain is so many things to different people, it has spiritual meaning, can be the ideal excuse to wrap yourself in a blanket with a mug of your favourite drink, or for my grandmother, it was a time to get into the garden. It can be an inconvenience or something to dance in.
Rain can be devastating or something to celebrate and will always play an essential role in our existence which is simply fascinating.


Oil on Canvas

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Light dust

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