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Alanah Jarvis Art

Pluviophile, meaning one who loves the rain

Pluviophile, meaning one who loves the rain

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Pluviophile, meaning rain lover
A donation from every sale will go towards the ‘Swim it Forward’ foundation to help fund swimming lessons for Aussie kids from low income families. Evidence of this will be sent with the Certificate of Authenticity.

“A rainy day is like a lovely gift, you can sleep in late and not feel guilty” Elizabeth Jane Howard (novelist)
We are living in a highly busy, ultra connected world and its so important that we make time for slow living, to let our minds switch off and our bodies rest. Rain allows us to stay indoors in comfy clothes without the guilt of making the most of a sunny day, we can listen and watch the raindrops while they clear the air outdoors and we cleanse our minds.
The role of artwork is to create a feeling in a room and I hope this rainscape, framed in Australian timber, helps you to feel calm and serves as a reminder to prioritise your wellbeing.


Oil on Canvas

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