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Alanah Jarvis Art

That Sense of Freedom

That Sense of Freedom

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112cm (W) x 112cm (H) x 6cm (D)

That sense of freedom – Alanah Jarvis – You know it what it feels like, it might be that feeling after you have finished a presentation you have been worried about, finishing your last exam, taking a refreshing dive into a pool on a hot day or finally reaching a goal. That sense of relief, that sense of freedom and that sense of accomplishment. I hope you think of that feeling when you look at this painting.
The ocean brings us a sense of calmness and clarity, for some it’s the calming colour of blue, for others it’s the wide open space and for others is the fresh salty air and sounds of rippling water.
I love the trickery of creating the illusion of space within a room through the use of colour, décor and artwork. Create the illusion of space in your room by allowing the viewer to look off into the distance of this large scale artwork.
This oil painting is resting on professional grade 460gsm canvas and custom framed in Tasmanian Oak. The edges of the canvas have been painted navy to ensure no white canvas is exposed.


Oil on Canvas

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