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Ulster Weavers Shellfish Packable Bag One Size in Green

Ulster Weavers Shellfish Packable Bag One Size in Green

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Glistening lobsters and crabs . shimmering mussels and clams hide amongst swirls of seaweed in this watercolour painted design. The artwork has been created as a contemporary mirror image . a kaleidoscope of pattern for modern kitchens and seafood lovers. While the imposing claws of the lobsters and crabs are the focal point of this design . the seaweed tendril reverse pattern with its little hidden clams adds delicacy. The aquatic teal green trims makes the vibrant orange shellfish and iridescent blue mussels really pop with colour.

Introducing the Ulster Weavers packable bags – your ultimate go-to for convenience and style. Made from durable polyester . these bags are built to last and adapt to your on-the-go lifestyle. They are super practical too! Simply roll them up into a neat and compact size. With a handy button clasp . they stay perfectly folded until you're ready to unleash their spacious interior – approximately 61x46cm of pure shopping bliss. So . next time you need to dash to the store or embark on a spontaneous adventure . our packable bags have got your back. Experience the blend of tradition and innovation that Ulster Weavers proudly offers.

Thank you for choosing Ulster Weavers. We've been bringing inspiration and craftmanship to homes through high-quality products since 1880. All of our creations carry a timeless warmth and display our passion for quality and service. We're here to brighten the lives of those around us.

Wipe clean only.

Contents - 1 x Packable Bag 61 x 46 x 0.5cm
Primary Material - 100% Polyester

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