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We know that being in nature has such an impact on our mental
health with the main focus on green spaces, but I’m excited there’s more evidence proving that being in blue spaces has just the same impact, such as being on, next to, in or under the water, and I hope to bring some of the calmness, feeling of awe and nostalgia into your home through these oceanscapes.

All artworks purchased donate to the 'Swim it Forward' Foudation to help fund swimming lessons for kids who come from low income families. A confirmation email will be sent to the collector within three business days.

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    Alanah's artwork has been sent across Australia and to the UK, US, Ireland, Europe and New Zealand.

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    This is your opportunity to get the painting perfect for you and your family.
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    About Alanah

    Alanah Jarvis, an Australian water artist, has gained global recognition for her exquisite oceanscapes and rainscapes. Her oil paintings have been commended for their ability to capture the essence of rolling movements and the interplay of light on the surface, evoking a spiritual and abstract reality.

    Meet Alanah 
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